The area of the lesson covers all Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Whether it is for a complete beginner or an advanced learner, TENN Driving School is here to help you getting your QLD Driver License with Automatic car.

The driving lesson is structured to individual needs. This means, your skills will be reviewed to find out your ability and the  driving practice will focus on what you need to learn. The objective of the lesson is not only to prepare you to pass your driving test, but also to develop skills behind the wheel to be safe driver.

We don’t want learner to be sufficient only to pass practical driving test after learning with TENN. We are keen to prepare you to be self sufficient to be able to  develop ‘self supervision’ and ‘self instruction’ to be a safe driver after holding your license. Because after passing your road test, you may be required driving solo on the same or next day with no supervisor or instructor next to you. You need to have the ability and confidence to manage situations to be safe for yourself as well as other road users.

For international licence holders who require to go for Driving Test, TENN Driving School has an accelerated driving lesson that focus on brush up your skill to identify the bad habits and common mistakes on the road. You will be given all the hints and tips to adjust yourself with QLD driving rules.

Your driving lesson is stress free in a friendly atmosphere conducted by professional accredited driver trainer.

1 hour driving lesson with TENN counted as 3 hours of driving in you log book for the first 10 hours of driving. So if you have 10 hours of lesson, it is counted as 30 hours in your log book.

You can also use the school car for your Driving Test. This package includes pick up; 1 hour driving practice around your Testing Centre area; use the car for your Test, and drop off to your place.

how can we help you?

Please use our contact form to send a general enquiry to TENN Driving School 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will respond within 24 hours of your online query.

Great instructor, top tips and worked for my test to get my P on one go.
Thank you TENN:)